On March 20, 2016 I flew the Sunbird S-1x, an experimental
variant of the Pitts S1 biplane to an altitude of 24,500' in the
restricted airspace over the Barry M. Goldwater Range in Yuma,
Arizona then entered an inverted flat spin. At an altitude of 2,000'
the recovery was initiated and the Sunbird smoothly returned to
level flight at 1,200'. A new world record of 98 inverted flat spins
crushed the previous Guinness World Record of 81 set by
me in 2014: Guinness World Record

I began flying while in college in the late 1980's and quickly advanced from private pilot to commercial pilot with an instrument rating. In 2002 I became a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and now hold an FAA unrestricted Statement of Aerobatic Competency (SAC) card allowing me to perform solo and formation aerobatics down to surface level.

While working on my instrument rating, I went through a spin and unusual attitude training program. This training teaches pilots what to do in emergencies and involves mild aerobatics. My brain discovered that aerobatics are amazingly fun and quickly lost interest in merely flying straight and level. After attending numerous aerobatic contests in the Super Decathlon aerobatic trainer rented from a local flight school I moved up to the high performance Pitts S-2B. In 2006 I started performing in air shows so the plane was dubbed the "Meteor Pitts" because it shoots across the sky with its unique hot rod style flame paint scheme.

My air show performance uniquely showcases the capabilities of the Meteor Pitts Biplane with Intense gyroscopic maneuvers like the Double Hammerhead and the Inverted Flat Spin with its signature corkscrew smoke trail as the plane drops towards the ground at over 6000' feet per minute spinning like a frisbee!

I enjoy entertaining the audience with this amazing airplane. My enthusiasm for flight is infectious and I'm proud of the people I have motivated to get involved in aviation. I love to produce videos about flying that give the viewer a sense of being in the cockpit going along for the ride!

When not flying I work as an information technology professional in the entertainment industry and live in Santa Clarita, CA, with my wife, children, and two dogs. My educational background includes an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a bachelors degree from the State University of New York. Education is the most important pursuit any human can undertake and I speak from experience when encouraging young people to pursue learning with passion.

Inverted Flat Spin
Takeoff from MCAS Yuma to set a world record
Inverted over Yuma, AZ at 22,000' during the spin